Jonathan Garcia on working remotely during Covid-19

I am Jonathan Garcia. I’m a Customer Success Manager at Hexnode and I work at the San Francisco branch of our company. I’m an extremely social person and I love meeting new people. I get along with everyone, but I do have a certain liking for tech nerds — so if you’re a tech nerd too, chances are that we’d burn the midnight oil talking away! I’m quite big on new technology and I love assembling custom PCs and custom keyboards. Usually, my family and friends request these custom builds but occasionally, they’d be kind enough to send a friend my way.

“I love interacting with different people and learning about their different lifestyles and if it’s tech related, our conversations will be endless!”

Being a part of the Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention team at Hexnode, I am majorly delighted that my work revolves around me talking to our customers. The team at Hexnode is very helpful and accepting. Everyone lends a helping hand in the growth process and provide very useful insight along the way.

Remote working may seem like a mammoth struggle but in my opinion, it was a far better option during the pandemic. Daily commute to the office seemed like an unnecessary risk and I was relieved to have the option of working from home. Initially, I was not completely equipped for the work from home scheme. The wildfires, earthquakes and subsequent blackouts didn’t help my case and I had to upgrade my work from home equipment accordingly.

Ideally, everyone would prefer a work from home policy; but when your place of work encroaches into the place you unwind in, things become pretty messed up. Once I had my work equipment sorted, I made sure that I had a defined workspace and a separate place to chill. I lay emphasis on the need for a 1-hour break and made it a point to take time to relax. My dog Korra helped me tremendously during the pandemic. She was determined to uplift my mood every day. Spending time with her in the parks, picking up groceries at the local store or just socializing with other dog owners ensured my daily dose of sunlight.

Work from home also helped me find time to cultivate my talents. Prior to the pandemic, travelling and spending time with my friends were my all-time favourite activities. Since I had to temporarily halt them, I found other ways to use up my free time. Hiking, experimenting my culinary skills and Kayaking became my new favourites. I’m currently doing a 30-day, 60-day, 100-day dry aged roast with my roommates (Dry aged roast is basically a method to naturally age the meat to improve its texture and flavour).

The fear of catching the virus was a serious issue so we were determined to follow the social distancing norms. Once the stay-at-home order was lifted, I bought myself a paddle board too. Since then, relaxing on waters is what I like the best.

If you ask me now, I’d opt for the work from home option as opposed to the work from office option. No place feels safer than my own home and I’m willing to wait out the pandemic before I get back to working from the office. Since my work from home station has been adequately set up, I’m particularly happy that I don’t have to face the hassle of travelling to work. My standing desk is an additional bonus. Also, work from home simply means that I get to work with Korra by my side, so I think it’s a win-win situation.

I’ve never physically met my team in India, but their affable behaviour has immensely helped me feel comfortable at work. The geographical distance or difference in time zones didn’t seem to bother my team and they’ve always been a pleasure to work with. Hopefully once the pandemic scare is lifted, I’ll be able to visit my teammates in India. Until then, Microsoft Teams will keep us connected!




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Where security meets intelligence.

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