One step closer to safety — Mitsogo gets vaccinated

Mitsogo took the first step towards an entirely vaccinated workforce on 2nd July 2021 as it hosted the first stage of its vaccination drive. The drive was open to employees and immediate families and provided solace to employees actively searching for the vaccine. Months of endless trials to book a slot on the government portal seemed futile as the vaccines were selling fast. Finally, employees were relieved as the company organized the drive. The employees only had to register themselves on the government portal, and the company handled the rest.

All employees were administered the Covishield vaccine, one of India’s most widely accepted and WHO-approved vaccines. The company organized the drive at Infopark, Cochin, and the employees were ferried to the vaccination site by the company. Immediate family members also received the vaccination on the same day. The entire process was smooth as the employees cooperated with the team and patiently waited for their turn.

Since the nationwide lockdown early last year, Mitsogo has always emphasized all security protocols to ensure the safety of its employees. At the onset of the lockdown, all critical teams were shifted to a guesthouse facility to enforce a safe working atmosphere. Other groups were allowed to work from home. As the lockdown was slowly lifted, Mitsogo returned to the work from office scenario in stages to enforce additional security. Employees were assigned different shifts to ensure social distancing protocols. N-95 masks provided by the company were always a prerequisite in the office premises.

The vaccination drive was conducted safely, keeping in mind all the safety procedures. Furthermore, Mitsogo has informed all the employees that there will be no relief of security protocols post-vaccination. Employees were thankful for the drive being conducted on a Friday, giving them time to recuperate adequately.

What advice do you have to give to people about getting vaccinated?

“Do it on a weekend.”

-Augustus Shane David

“Take the medicines immediately after you get jabbed”

-Sachin Sunny
(Branding and PR)

So, finally, are you glad that you got shot?

“Yeah, but could live without the side effects!”

-Jeff Parker

What was your weekend like?

“It was a rollercoaster of side effects. It ruined my plans to well…. sit at home and do nothing. I had to sit at home and recover!”

-Pooja Anil
(Product Management)

Were you nervous about getting the shot?

“Yes, I’m very afraid of needles. But this makes us one step closer to a mask-free future. So, I fought the fear!”

-Ashley Miller




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Where security meets intelligence.

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